The best craftsmanship possible – Experience – Expertise

We guarantee that systems are up and running. We are inevitably proud when parts that we rework look as good as new. But we are only really satisfied when we succeed in creating something that is better than new. This sense of fulfilment is something we strive for 365 days a year.


“Not merely a façade”

Training rooms

We look forward to training your personnel on your premises.

Preliminary test

Only when we have a clear picture of a component's defect do we present you with an offer.


The range of products we have in stock enables us to find the appropriate part almost immediately.

Before processing

A standard component is not compatible? No problem! We customize the part you require to suit your needs!

Stock available

Your spare parts are always in stock.


The most modern technology - available in our workshop - is used to machine your components.

Taking it apart

We are able to identify each defect. In order to do so we sometimes have to take the component apart.

Detailed precision work

We want to ensure that everything fits perfectly. That is why we work on each piece with great care.


The most modern milling technology at our disposal enables us to customize your products.

In the workshop

Here we work on and finish your assignments as fast as possible and strive to meet your requirements.

One last look

An extremely thorough final inspection is a matter of course in our workshop.

Ready for dispatch

Everything is carefully packed before it is dispatched.

All-round service

“Widely diversified”


Optimal configuration of all system components presupposes that
parts obtained from the most diverse manufacturers can be mounted successfully. When efficiency is the name of the game it is extremely inefficient to have to search for service partners conversant with each individual component. That is why we offer you complete one-stop-service which significantly shortens the response time and ensures greater cost transparency.

Compliance with manufacturer regulations is guaranteed as
a matter of course.

Competence Center for pumps

“More than only a partner”

We are your contact partner in anything related to pumps

Customer satisfaction originates in commitment and dedication as well as a strong awareness of the highest quality standards. We offer you on-site availability, a comprehensive service portfolio as well as guaranteed global access to spare parts. In this way you are sure that downtimes are kept to a minimum. The high availability of the installed pump units is thus safeguarded. And even then we do not leave you to your own devices. Our customer service is always available. Whether you need spare parts or assistance with the upcoming inspection, with maintenance or modernization - we are always available when you require our services.


  • Spare parts
  • Repairs and refurbishment
  • On-site interventions
  • Immediate and rapid assembly
  • Service of Pumps
  • 24h-Hotline +49 231 981019 -112

Genuine Values

“Rapidly available quality”

Our goal is to serve you

The needs and expectations of our clients guide our decisions and actions throughout our production chain. We exercise the greatest care in the service we provide and pay attention to every aspect of your product needs.

All new employees and all trainees are acquainted with this philosophy which guides our company and are expected to adhere to it in all aspects of our service to our clients.

Career possibilities

“Always on the lookout”

Join us as we continue to grow

We are on the lookout for dedicated co-workers whose enthusiasm compels them to contribute their skills at all times - when necessary around the clock 365 days a year.

Our goal is to find the true heroes of the economic miracle. We invite you to come and join us and tell us not only about your superior qualifications but also about your personal goals and objectives.

Contact us at:

Schöning GmbH
Hildastraße 8-10
44145 Dortmund
Telephone +49 231 981019-15