The most expensive plant is one that no longer functions. This simple insight gave birth to our business idea. It was really quite simple: We will make things work again. And our work would be swift, precise, and in the best sense of the word - radical. Ideally we work preventatively to find the solution to a problem before there is any downtime. That is what we call efficiency that is economically sound. Always! And we are as pleased as can be when something is once again in motion.


Areas of application

  • Helical geared motors
  • Helical bevel geared motors
  • Worm geared drive motors
  • Parallel shaft helical gear motors
  • Spiroplan gear motors®
  • Worm gear units
  • Spiroplan gears®
  • Planetary gears
  • Spur gears
  • Bevel gear wheels
  • "Flachräder"
  • Snails
  • Three phase motors
  • Direct current (DC) motors
  • Servo
  • Motor accessories
  • Control and measuring technology
  • Brake technology
  • External and auxiliary fan
  • Frequency converter
  • Servo inverters
  • Current inverters

The right product

„Diversity in performance is extremely important to us”

Industrial transmission units

Our industrial transmission units make possible the transmission of the highest performance required within advantageously small dimensions. They can be used on an individual basis, are equipped with finely graduated torque curves and offer maximum security. The robust transmission housings and effective cooling systems guarantee longevity. You thus receive products which meet the most stringent requirements associated with quality, performance and reliability.

Areas of application

  • Extruder
  • Kneading machine
  • Mixer
  • Wood working machines
  • Agitators
  • Propulsion drives
  • Screw conveyers
  • Bucket elevators
  • Rolling mill transmission units
  • Paper machines

Geared motors

An ideal relationship between performance and space requirement, the tried and tested modular system as well as the highest product quality: the geared motors optimized with graduated designs are the ideal solution in cramped spaces or within difficult circumstances. They allow the incomparably fine adaptation of torque ratings and gear ratios.

Areas of application

  • Helical gear units
  • Bevel gear motors
  • Parallel shaft helical gear motors
  • Worm geared drive motors
  • Planetary gear motors
  • Adjustable geared motors


We supply, exchange, maintain and repair everything that rotates. Always and at any time!

A few examples of our motor range:

  • Three Phase Motors
  • High torque engines
  • Servo motors
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
  • Explosion protected Motors
  • Braked and un-braked Motors
  • Energy-saving Motors
  • Space-Saving Motors
  • Motors suitable for the Cooling Industry
  • Motors for the Hot Rooms
  • Motors manufactured according to EU-guidelines 94/9 EG
  • Motors for highly hygienic requirements

Decentralized technology

Decentralized drive technology has proven its worth - in vertical and horizontal conveying applications and in sensitive applications as for example in the foodstuff, the beverage and in the automobile industries. The possibility of higher breakaway and acceleration torques after downtimes however, places extraordinarily high demands on the installation close to the motor in large plants. We at Schöning have extensive experience in this field - e.g. with intelligent cross-linking, the reduction of starting times and simplifying monitoring and maintenance.

Frequency converter

Frequency converters are the basis for the cost-effective use of standard asynchronous motors with an extended speed range (rpm). They enable a step-less speed (rpm) from zero to rated speed (rpm) without reduction of the torque. In order for them to always function at maximum performance, frequency inverters require an appropriate and professional installation. This is where our experience is of great benefit.