FLENDER BIPEX claw coupling

BIPEX couplings are employed in many branches of the mechanical engineering industry. The main areas of application are well-aligned electric-motor drives with uniform torque loads, e.g. hydraulic applications or in combination with geared motors.


  • Torsionally flexible and damping
  • Fail-safe elastic claw coupling
  • Very compact design, high performance density
  • Suitable for plug-in assembly and bell housing installation
  • Available as a catalog standard in 13 sizes with rated torque of between 13.5 Nm and 3,700 Nm
  • Type BWT with Taper bush for easy assembly and bore adaptation

Areas of application

General mechanical engineering; especially as high-speed coupling on the motor side and for bell housing installation, e. g. in:

  • Hydraulic drives
  • Gear motors
  • Pump drives
  • Rail drives