FLENDER planetary gears

Together with the Siemens FLENDER planetary gear series we also carry the tried and tested FLENDER quality gear solutions for higher performance ranges. They are available in twenty-seven construction sizes and seven basic designs. Thus with PLANUREX torque ranges 2,600,000 Nm and gear ratios of 4,000:1 are possible.

Schöning has already implemented in standardized products the specific requirements that should be considered for bucket-wheel drives, slewing gear drives, trolley drives in the area of conveyor technology. You too are invited to benefit from the advantages of a standardized product created for your sector.


  • Low weight and compact, space-saving design achieved by means of power splitting
  • Saving in operating costs thanks to high efficiency and optimized maintenance intervals
  • Is easily combined with other geared units: e.g. upstream helical gear units, worm gear units, bevel geared wheels or helical bevel geared units
  • Silent operation thanks to low rolling and sliding speeds at the tooth flanks

Areas of application

  • Roller presses
  • Slewing gear drives
  • Bucket wheel drive
  • Apron feeder drive
  • Agitator drive
  • Trolley drives
  • Rotary kiln drive
  • Central drives for tube mills