FLENDER transmission units for aerators

The aerator is an agitator unit in the biological part of the waste water treatment plant. It whirls up the water at the surface so that it can be enriched with oxygen. The bacteria are activated and withdraw the degradable materials from the waste water.

The agitator unit hangs at a certain distance on the vertically downward mounted driven shaft of the gear. To prevent polluting the waste water with transmission oil FLENDER gears are built with a driven shaft which is equipped with an oil-dam-pipe and a contact-free and non-wearing shaft seal.

The axial and transverse forces which result from the process are absorbed by heavy duty output shafts and output bearings.

Technical Data

Design Helical geared units and helical bevel geared units
Size 16
Transmission ratios/ stages 2- und 3-stage
Performance up to 3,600 kW
Translation Area / Gear Ratios i = 6.3 ... 112
Rated Gear Torque 10.5 ... 173 kNm
Installation Position vertical


  • Pressure lubrication with oil through built-in flange pump
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Dry-well-Design (absolutely oil tight shaft sealing)
  • with coupling flange for flange-mounting to the aerator
  • High operational safety
  • Low noise levels
  • High levels of efficiency

Areas of application

  • Waste water treatment