FLENDER transmission units for bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are designed to transport large amounts bulk material vertically as well as dust-free and low wear to other elevations and to deposit it there. Often more than 200 meters have to be covered. The weights to be conveyed are enormous.

Double chain strands, toggle chains or belts are the supporting components of the bucket elevators. The drive is located in the upper station. The demands made on this application are similar to those made on conveyor belt systems which ascend precipitously. Bucket elevators thus require comparatively high drive performance. Because of the high tightening forces the start-up phase must be smooth and gentle. This occurs via fluid couplings in the drive train. Usually helical bevel geared units as single or double drives on a base frame or a swing arm are employed.

FLENDER transmission units are the central component of the drive train. They excel through performance, operational safety and availability. Auxiliary drives (maintenance and load drives) as well as non-return devices are part of the standard design. Thus the transmission units and the auxiliary drives are optimally coordinated.

Technical Data

Design Helical bevel geared units
Sizes 15 of 4 to 18
Transmission Ratios / Stages 3-stage
Performance 9.7 – 1,809 kW
(Auxiliary Drive Performance
from 0.75 – 37 kW)
Translation Area / Gear Ratios 25 - 71
Rated gear torque 6.7 – 240 kNm
Installation Position horizontal


  • Highest performance density
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Rapid availability
  • Highest modular design principle

Areas of application

  • Lime and cement industry, powder, fertilizers, ores, etc.
  • Suitable for the transportation of materials as hot as 1,000° C