FLENDER transmission units for Reactors

“Reactors” here refers to chemical industrial specialized equipment (e.g. stirrer tanks), in which, through reaction, educts are transformed into products. In the operation of such reactors the demands made on process and safety technology are extremely high.

In a mixer-dryer reactor powder, suspensions (e.g. pastes, doughs etc.) are dried. The drying process in these reactors must generally occur extremely quickly yet must simultaneously be gentle and protective of the product.

Such transmission units must therefore be highly efficient yet generate the minimum amount of in noise and vibration. It should also be possible to monitor the complete transmission unit.

Technical Data

Design Helical gear units
Sizes 28
Transmission Ratios/ Stages 2-, 3- und 4-stage
Performance up to 10,500 kW
Gear ratios i = 6.3 ... 450
Rated gear torque 5,8 ... 1,400 kNm
Installation position horizontal und vertical


  • High efficiency
  • Low vibration
  • Low noise levels
  • Immersion lubrication
  • Complete drive solution constructed on a base frame consisting of:
    • Motor
    • Coupling on the input side (FLUDEX)
    • Transmission inclusive of monitoring / supervision
    • Output end tooth clutch

Areas of application

  • Drying / mixing of chemical material as well as of all kinds of foodstuffs