FLENDER gear units for rotary kilns

The rotary kiln is the core of the lime and cement clinker production. Inside the slightly inclined cylindrical pipe which rotates around its longitudinal axis during the burning process, the lime dust is heated up to 1,450 °C and so burned to become cement clinker. The rotation thus provides both the transportation and supplies air. The length of such a furnace can greatly exceed 100 Meters. With this type of furnace the limestone is poured in at the slightly elevated end. Through the rotation the limestone is slowly passed through the furnace. All the drive elements must likewise be inclined. We can place the most modern Siemens FLENDER drive system for rotary kilns at your disposal: frequency controlled E-motors, FLENDER helical geared units, helical bevel geared units or planetary gears, FLENDER accessory gearboxes with integrated freewheeling clutch and centrifugal brake, holding brake, auxiliary engine and FLENDER couplings.

Suitable FLENDER transmission types

  • FLENDER gear transmissions
  • FLENDER planetary gears

Advantages FLENDER planetary gears

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • The auxiliary engine is attached laterally to the main gear box
  • Transmissions, torque-support-system, motors, couplings, brakes, oil supply systems are delivered ready to be installed (everything under one roof).

Areas of application

  • The cement industry