FLENDER transmission units for sugar mills

FLENDER transmission units are drive systems used in the manufacture of sugar both from sugar beet and from sugar cane. Through their optimized design they help save energy. Furthermore, the dimensions of carefully thought-out drive systems are space-saving.

The heart of the sugar cane industry is the mill drive for which we can offer you, amongst others, the FLENDER DUORED split-power a bad transmission unit. Slow running planetary gears of the PLANUREX type are installed to support the diffuser drive. FLENDER transmission units are also installed at the conveyor belts, the shredder and the turbines used for the generation of electricity.

FLENDER transmission units are also used in the production of sugar from sugar beet. Thus for example the pulp press is fitted with up to eight planetary gears (PLANUREX). Frequency-controlled FLENDER gear drives are utilized for the counter-current cossette mixer. And MOTOX-N Geared Motors are installed in the extraction plant.

Technical Data

  • Design: DUORED
  • Sizes: from 550 to 1,200
  • Performance: up to 9,740 kW
  • Gear Ratios: i = from 18 to 900
  • Rated Torque: from 550 to 4,800 kNm


  • Energy-saving optimized design
  • Optimized for low noise output
  • Space saving dimensions
  • Highest efficiency at favorable temperatures
  • Global service

Areas of application

  • Processing of sugar cane and sugar beet