FLENDER transmission units for wet cooling towers

Wet cooling in wet cooling towers is specifically regulated by the cooling tower’s transmission unit. Besides the motor helical bevel geared units are generally utilized. FLENDER transmission units are specially conceptualized for use in wet and hybrid cooling towers. The fan speed, which is the fundamental design criterion, is optimized by means of diverse gear ratios. If necessary special gear ratios can be designed. The ventilators resulting reaction forces are directly absorbed by the transmission unit.

As the motor is installed outside the cooling tower, the transmission unit which is placed in the middle of the tower is driven from the outside by a long composite coupling which is likewise available in the FLENDER product portfolio.

Technical Data

Design Helical bevel geared units
Sizes 14
Transmission Ratios 2-stage
Performance up to 2,000 kW
Translation area / Gear ratios i = 5 ... 22,4
Rated gear torque 3,000 ... 97,500 Nm
Installation position vertical


  • Torsion-resistant housing results in low noise emission
  • The length of the output bearings for different ventilators varies (adapted to the ventilator profile)
  • The highest operational safety achieved through one-piece housing, bearing reinforcement, centrifugal disc at the ventilator shaft
  • Additional cooling through ventilators at the input shaft
  • An optimized design and the use of high-quality materials ensures a long lifespan
  • Complete drive train available under one roof

Areas of application

Energy-generating industries. E.g.:

  • Bio power plant
  • Gas power plant
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Coal power plants
  • Incineration plants
  • Fuel power stations