FLENDER transmissions for conveyor belts

In opencast mining bulk material often has to be transported across long distances. In the past trucks transported these materials. Today conveyor belts are the order of the day. These conveyor belts can be several kilometers long and more than three meters wide and may move at a speed of more than 7 m/s. Larger plants are located in open areas and are often far from developed areas. The transmission units must maintain a high degree of operational safety, especially as cooling water is generally not available even though the material is mostly being transported upwards or downwards to different elevations.

Depending on the thermal conditions, FLENDER gears come with an air/oil cooler or with an increased housing surface. Depending on the specific operating conditions they are equipped with backstops or brakes which prevent the conveyor belt from running backwards when the power is switched off. Thus the load remains safely on the conveyor belt.

Technical Data

Design Helical gear units and helical bevel geared units
Sizes 22
Transmission ratios/ Stages 2 ... 3-stage
Performance up to 4,500 kW
Translation Area / Gear Ratios i = 5 ... 90
Rated gear torque 6.2 ... 900 kNm
Installation position horizontal


  • High operational safety
  • Higher thermal power limit
  • Large housing surface
  • Pressure lubrication through flange pump
  • Reinforced bearings
  • With coupling flange
  • Low noise levels
  • High levels of efficiency


  • Conveyor belts