MOTOX geared motors

Schöning offers you the complete MOTOX spectrum of geared motors. Our portfolio incorporates all current transmission units as well as all drive applications. Here you will find the best possible solution for every task. You will, amongst other things have the possibility to decide for higher rated gear torque than are generally available in the market.

The geared motors can be supplied for a performance range of up to 200 kW and a rated gear torque of up to 20,000 Nm with helical geared motors, Parallel shaft helical gear motors and helical bevel geared units. Designs with helical worm geared drive units achieve up to 11 kW as well as 1,590 Nm and motors with worm gear units up to 1.5 kW and 166 Nm.

Helical geared motors

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Worm geared motors

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These geared motors are thus in compliance with all relevant international regulations:

  • The standard motors fulfil the relevant IEC/EN regulations
  • For export to the NAFTA market (USA, Canada, Mexico) Schöning places motors with the following specifications at your disposal: electrical NEMA, UL, CSA.
  • For export to China CCC-certified motors are available. For export to Russia GOST-R certified transmission units and motors.
  • Schöning helps you maintain an economically viable energy balance sheet with highly efficient geared motors in IE3 and EFF2.

A brief summary of the strengths:

High rated gear torque

  • The credibility of the geared motor series MOTOX is based on its exceptional technical performance. Amongst other aspects, you benefit from an output torque of up to 20,000 Nm and from a higher nominal torque despite the same transmission size as the geared motors of our competitors. Additionally you achieve an improved operating factor and thus both higher plant availability and operational safety.

Silent geared motors

  • Thanks to the low peripheral speed after the first transmission stage we could drastically reduce noise generation.

High gear ratio

  • Through our special design principle we are able to achieve a very high gear ratio. In many applications this results in an economical solution when one transmission stage can be eliminated. You also profit from cost advantages when, because of the higher gear ratio, you choose 4-pole standard motors instead of 6- or 8-pole motors.

High flexibility

  • Whatever your requirements: our unparalleled complete program ensures that through our modular system geared motors are combinable in any number of variations. All designs available on the market as well as mounting variants of geared motors can be combined. The transmission units can in many cases be combined and thus adapted to the most varied drive situations. MOTOX’s motors are modularly designed and logistically optimized. Functional units such as brakes, external ventilators and encoders can be fitted with additional shafts to a short engine which does not change. In this way the motor can be extended as further functional units are added even after the installation.