Service is our way of life

Increasing automation makes ever shorter cycle times possible and also demands increased productivity. Here servo technology has become indispensable. This however also means that materials are enormously stressed. In order to avoid maintenance bottle necks service intervals should be strictly adhered to. Part of our service is to advise our customers regarding the organization and implementation of all service and maintenance work. Our concern that your plant should not malfunction leads us to assess risk probabilities and on the basis of this assessment to keep available spare parts even before important components become a problem. We put the respective parts in storage and maintain accurate documentation of the whole maintenance process. In addition - our repair and spare parts service is available 24/7.

Planning and support

“Always in motion and on the move”

Customer oriented and personal

Together with our clients we plan their plants‘complete maintenance system and advise them regarding the regular inspection of certain components. We then assist in securing the production and minimizing downtimes by developing customized prevention approaches. We take responsibility for the acquisition, provision and documentation of all necessary spare and wear parts. There is nothing to worry about should original parts not be available for older but still functioning plants. We take responsibility for the 1:1 reconstruction or the adaptation of comparable new parts.

Receiving inspection

“Think before acting”

Transparency and trust from the outset

The highest quality and the most efficient service – this is our promise to you. Even before we make a concrete offer for the repair or for the overhaul of a component you have sent in or of a complete motor, we examine the component thoroughly. Only on this basis can we give you an offer we can stand by, one that will have no unexpected follow-up costs. In this way we can also let you know directly about the needed repair time. In this way you know immediately where you stand – financially and time-wise.

Digital Prototyping

“Recognize downtimes before they occur.”

Preventing downtimes – Further reflections

Digital prototyping has been responsible for much of the progress that has been made in the analysis and optimization of critical components and component groups. The visualization of torsional forces, voltages, deformation risks, and other security factors helps us to quickly identify the neuralgic points of a parts configuration. This saves time and money during later implementation. At the same time it minimizes breakdown risks significantly. In the simulation of the solid body, problem areas are visualized simultaneously; functions and assembly processes are simulated and material and strength properties are identified. Consequently approaches to manufacturing and assembly prerequisites can be optimized.

Optical archiving

“Securing invaluable data”

Continuous documentation and archiving

Many motors have rendered years and even decades of reliable service. When they were taken into service there were no computers; instruction manuals and other important documents were only in print form. We give you the possibility to transfer this documentation into an optical archive. In this way all important information can also be digitally stored and managed. As a matter of course documentation for motors, pumps and components from our own customized production is available to you both in digital and in print form.

24 hour repair and support

“Available around the clock”

We are available whenever you need us

If necessary 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our extremely large stock of spare parts suitable for the most common system components ensures that spare parts can be supplied at short notice. We will even be happy to keep in stock any particular spare parts about which you want to be completely sure that they will always be available on demand. Through our Prevention Concept we are further able to offer you online-monitoring at the neuralgic points of your plant. In so doing we will be able to assess problem indicators at an early stage and can prepare for the replacement of the components. As we have so often repeated: Movement is the motivation that drives us.

Installation and Maintenance

“Support long after installation is complete”

Getting plants moving and keeping them in motion

We implement plant designs and install customized production. Made to measure is our specialty. Our experience includes the adaptation of standard components to meet specific customer requirements. We are part of our clients’ adventure when new or newly adapted plants are put into operation. And when something no longer runs smoothly we are there to provide immediate short term contingency maintenance measures as we plan for long term maintenance. Through careful stock-taking of all technical components as well as of the regulating and measuring technologies, and using our experience as we perform a stress analysis, we obtain a relatively accurate picture of existing default risks. This is the basis on which we develop a maintenance concept suited to your particular plant. This includes all necessary measures to ensure a smooth supply of spare parts and the reduction or even the avoidance of downtimes.


“We live and learn”

The Schöning concept of continuing education:

The demands made of technology are constantly on the increase. Everything is becoming more complex, faster, more confusing. The demands made of human beings rise in a comparative manner. From us you can learn or refresh your knowledge about everything you need to know with regard to drives and pumps, to troubleshooting and repair. As we are always practice-oriented and do not believe in gimmicks, success is almost already guaranteed. We would be delighted if you would register for one of our courses which take place on our premises: Hildastrasse 8–10, 44145 Dortmund.