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We invite you to benefit from the cooperation between SCHÖNING and SIEMENS. We offer you the support of the first and only factory customer service center for geared motors. Whether you need assistance regarding installation, maintenance or modification of your drive technology, we are the people to contact for service – no matter which manufacturer.

/ Siemens Cooperation


We are your partner when it is a matter of the exchange, the construction and the modification of SIEMENS transmissions.

As a Siemens Approved Partner-Power we are the only ones in the market able to implement customer-specific requests with
our own manpower at the Dortmund location.



Start-up, maintanance & repair

“Time is money” is something plant operators charged with the on-time start-up of a new or modernized plant know better than anybody else. The faster and the more cost-effective the start-up is the better. With our competent team of drive technology experts at your side we ensure that for you too everything runs exactly as you want it to, and that costs remain manageable.

“Robust and reliable drive technology”


Helical Gear Units


Individualized adap-
tation with a special shaft as a compatible replacement for any competitive product   


Conveyor cage
for mining


Single-source maintenance services - including calculation of gear box performance 


Digital Prototyping    

Visualization of tension curves within a partial section of the gear box housing


Mill Transmission   


Complete overhaul  

Cooling tower drives

The exchange and assembly of a specific model with new energy-saving motors - after modification with a special anti-corrosion paint and an oil expansion chamber.




Geared motors designed for conveyor belts

Performance-enhancing modification of geared motors with special specifications: backstop device integrated on to the transmission, specially designed hollow shaft, adaptation of the situation at the plant by means of a short coupling lantern adaptor as attachment to diverse IEC-special motors, oil inspection glass to facilitate the simple and rapid visualization of the oil level.

Performance enhanced geared motors

   Thanks to the inspection glass the oil level is easily identified.


Transmissions for the timber industry

Optimized block train with enhanced performance transmission units, including hollow shaft and multi-splined profile according to DIN 5480

Modified block train with enhanced performance

   Appropriate line shafts with multi-splined profile on each side to
   enable easier assembly and dismantling of the transmission units



Drives for mining – application transfer trolley 

Retrofit: We replaced an existing drive which has broken down due to overload with a performance-enhanced retrofit alternative. The implementation of the application also takes into account the situation found at the plant itself.

Design drawing: old drive below; new drive above after Retrofit



   Installed, functioning drive for mine transfer trolley after successful

Modified brush mounting – application transfer trolley 

Digitally created model of a retrofit drive designed for the mining industry. Our service to you: construction of step-models / surface models which allow for visualization of individual adjustments.    

Partial view of the digital model of a retrofit-drive for mine transfer trolleys


   Diverse model variants are available to make the visualization of
   modifications possible – all are geared to the client's individual wishes.

Services provided
“We are here to assist you and help you meet all your needs”

24h Service

You would like to benefit from round-the-clock-service?

Then we are the right business partners for you. We offer a round-the-clock 24 hour toll-free service hotline. A Schöning service expert, available 365 days a year, is ready to respond to all queries, whether these be in regard to spare parts or to answer any technical questions you may have.

Repair Service

Our own repair service is available to assist you in the repair and refurbishment of individual plant components. Our team is always up-to-date with regard to drive technology and drive automation technologies.

Our repair service includes:

  • Repair through the replacement of defective parts and other components that might be affected
  • Repair of products of other manufacturers
  • Complete overhaul
  • Customized product adaptation with documentation (Electronics)
  • Test and inspection report
  • High-voltage testing


  • Analysis of existing defect and follow-up consultation
  • Emergency repairs upon consultation



Collection and Delivery Service

We not only take care of your drive technology and your drive automation, your complete transportation and sourcing logistics are likewise in good hands with us. Through our Collection and Delivery Service we not only guarantee rapid pick-up or delivery – our Service-Experts offer their support during the dismantling and installation of components and equipment. Our Collection and Delivery Service thus ensures that through the efforts of our competent Service Team and optimally harmonized processes you benefit from a complete care package.

This is how we ensure the safety of your plant function:

  • Collection and delivery of drive technology
  • Preparation of transportation documentation
  • Provision of individual solution alternatives for logistic requirements


  • Commissioning of the most appropriate logistic company
  • Fast response times after the necessary data has been compiled


  • After consultation: on-site dismantling and installation of components and equipment
  • After consultation: on-site transport-safe packaging of components and equipment

Retrofit Service

Only machines and plants that employ the latest technology will ensure maximum productivity. The latest drive systems enable you to increase productivity, save energy costs and ensure plant availability. Our Retrofit Service together with the integration of our current up-to-date drive technology and drive automation make it possible for you to expand the functionalities of your machine or plant and thus optimize both its availability and process reliability. Drive modernization thus amortizes itself in a relatively short period of time. Our Service-experts are ready to advise and assist you in each phase of your plant’s product life cycle.    

To achieve a profitable integration of new components we offer you:

  • Analysis of the installed drive technology and application solutions (also for products made by other manufacturers)
  • Drive design and dimensioning as per your requirements and based on the latest technology
  • Dismantling and assembling of the new components. (Here we are willing to also function in an advisory capacity if you so choose)
  • We carry out all necessary conversion work with regard to drive technology
  • We provide all documents as per request     
  • Training of your team on the new products


  • Start-up
  • Planning of electrical control cabinet
  • SPS- and visualization-programming
  • Production assistance

Quick (emergency) installations 

Our emergency installation service is available to you when you urgently need a replacement or wish to buy a whole new transmission unit, motors, geared motors or electronic products.  Our service is at your disposal regardless of whether the product with which you are dealing is Schöning drive technology or drive automation, or whether it is a replacement for the products of other manufacturers. We ensure the immediate – usually next day – availability of compatible Schöning- or SIEMENS-Products. Individual parts and instruments are in stock and our qualified service technicians competently complete the on-site emergency installation.

In the event that you require replacement or new parts we offer you:

  • Quick installation of geared motors and frequency converters
  • Requisitioning regarding the adjustment of the required drive data
  • Assembly in Dortmund
  • Order specific utilization of original SIEMENS-parts
  • Surface protection (e.g. lacquering)
  • Comprehensive documentation (2D, 3D, FEM, stress analysis)



  • Customized identification labels
  • Preparation of transport packaging
  • Guarantee
  • Final inspection (determining of identification data)


“The best possible solution for each requirement”

Industrial applications

Each industry is different. Consequently different movement apparatuses require drive systems each of which is coordinated, innovative, efficient, powerful and reliable. We are fully aware of this and have therefore developed the most suitable drives and solutions also for your industrial sector.

Beverages and other liquids

Especially the beverage industry requires machines, plants and equipment which can withstand a high degree of stress. Thus a robust, high-torque and long-lasting drive technology is a basic requirement for efficient plant planning. Maintaining a competitive edge is relatively simple when you have access to the drive technology of the future. At Schöning we offer you flexibility during seasonal peaks in the beverage production industry and in the filling of liquids so that, depending on market demand, you are able to rapidly switch between batches. Whether returnable or non-returnable, whether glass bottle or PET, whether dry, wet or hygienic areas – we have a great deal of experience within your industry and are well aware of the specific demands of the various processes.

Airport and baggage handling

The drive technology installed in the area of freight transport is subject to heavy demands. Modularity, reliability and availability are essential in the lifting, shifting, stacking and rotation of mail, liquids, perishable goods, machine parts, live animals and many other items. Essential also are robustness, powerful torque, and durability. Whether we are talking about ULD-materials conveyor technology, truck docks, stacker cranes, or modern E-mobility solutions - you need the reliable application solutions from our modular construction system from which we offer much more than only economic efficiency, flexibility, and security in all processes.

Building materials and glass

We offer robust, high-performing and efficient drive solutions suited to the challenging demands of the construction and building materials sector. Our drive technology operates in any climate, and is reliable even under the toughest conditions, torque and secure. Both our products and our solutions are electrically and mechanically, have a high overload capacity, dust-proof, especially corrosion-resistant and water-jet proof. Our automation technology brings movement into the construction and building materials industry: from gravel plants and mines to quarries and clay pits, as well as to cement and ready-mixed concrete production.

The mining industry

The mining industry and the extraction of raw materials expose humans and machines to the most extreme conditions. Highly irregular strains imposed by dirt and sudden loading, cold, heat or rain, all greatly damage the materials used. Our products and solutions successfully meet the very demanding requirements of the mining industry.

Foods and the packaging of solids 

Precision, dynamism and continuity are what is expected of packing machines in the foodstuff and consumer goods industry. The technology has to fulfil various consecutive tasks such as filling, closing, palletizing, and transporting. Thus powerful and efficient drive systems are needed. We are able to supply these. We offer the flexible and reliable drive technology necessary for an economical and efficient material flow process suitable for both continuous and clocked operation transport. In cooperation with you we also develop solutions for complete plants.

Timber processing industry

The applications required in the woodworking and timber processing industries are diverse and demanding. They include barking, cutting and sawing, drilling, milling, planning, pressing, grinding. It is here that the superiority of Schöning’s drive technology, represented globally in the most important sectors, becomes apparent. The high performance density, the wide diversity, the overload capacity and reliability of our technology in each and every application, optimally placed and highly efficient, give the operator the wished-for needed security. We would be happy to work together with you to develop special solutions as they are needed in the timber industry.

“Have you found what you are searching for?”

Standard gears, planetary gears, application-specific gears

Torsional rigid couplings, elastic couplings, highly flexible couplings, hydrodynamic couplings

Spur geared motors, helical-bevel geared motors, Parallel shaft helical gear motors

Spur geared motors, helical-bevel geared motors, Parallel shaft helical gear motors

Low-voltage converter, medium-voltage converters    

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