SIMOTICS electric motors

SIEMENS SIMOTICS low voltage motors for the most varied areas of application

The spectrum of low voltage motors incorporates a performance range from 0.09 up to 4,000 kW. Each AC-motor has as its standard equipment the most diverse features for the highest possible efficiency: high efficiency to effect positive energy, explosion-protected according to the highest security standards, area- or customer-specific according to IEC or NEMA standards.

The motor family 1LE1 – one of the most compact globally

The motor family 1LE1 is one of the most compact globally, not least because Schöning manufactures it with innovative technology. Thus in the rotor we utilize a material mix consisting of highly conductive materials. The result is that there is minimized rotor damage and excellent start-up and switching performance. During production we pay attention to environmental compatibility while simultaneously conserving resources. Thus for example our impregnation and lacquering are solvent-free.

The design and architecture of the 1LE1 motors ensure maximum flexibility and minimal expenditure during installation. Users benefit from integrated lifting eyelets, screw-on bases, reinforced bearing plates with optimal mechanical characteristics and easily accessible terminal boxes. Furthermore, encoders, brakes and external ventilators can easily be supplemented. The bearing holder is simplified through the use of fewer variants. Motor dealers can thus respond more rapidly to customer requests.

Motor family


SIMOTICS motor generation 1LE1 general purpose

For general-purpose uses: motors with aluminum housing

SIMOTICS motor generation 1LE1 severe duty

For severe-duty uses: motors with grey cast iron housing

Standard motors

Up to size 315