SIEMENS standard motors up to size 315


With the constant rise in energy costs paying attention to energy consumption is becoming increasingly important. It is at this very point that potentials for minimization must be fully explored to ensure competitiveness not only today, but in future. The environment likewise benefits from reduced energy consumption. A full 95 percent of a motor’s life-cycle-costs can be ascribed to energy costs - only maximally 5 percent of the costs accrue to acquisition and installation.

The rate of amortization of highly efficient motors can be calculated with the Siemens energy-saving calculator:

You will find the regulations regarding the import of minimum energy efficiency requirements for low voltage motors in the European economic area under:

The motors are suited for converter operations and so have significant further savings potentials.

Technical Data: an Overview

Performance – and voltage: 0,09 kW – 1,250 kW
Sizes and designs: 63 M – 450 in all current designs
Rated Speed and torque: 750 – 3,600 min-1
0,61 – 10,300 Nm


Greater efficiency

  • IEC motors are consistently available in the efficiency classes IE2 and IE3, in the validity range of the EU-Regulation 640/2009 from 750 W to 375 kW.
    The motors are furthermore available and certified for the NAFTA market according to EISA in the energy efficiency and premium efficiency classes. What is more: with IE3 motors, which have an efficiency rate of up to 10 percent higher than previous models, you will be able to save significantly on energy.

Higher performance

  • While utilizing the same housing, our performance-enhanced motors yet achieve a full standard power stage more. We are pleased to let you know that here too we adhere consistently to improvements with regard to energy efficiency. The motors - following the classification according to IEC 60034-30 – are available in highly efficient and in standard design.

More flexibility

  • Optimized architecture facilitates installation. Encoders, brakes and external fans can be supplemented with minimal effort. As a further option: terminal boxes and bases can be flexibly assembled. Up to 460 V all motors can – without additional measures - be operated both from the electrical network as well as from the converter.

Examples of the various sectors:

  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Pharma
  • Chemicals
  • Print
  • Mechanical engineering

Areas of application

  • Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Compressors