SIMOTICS motor generation 1LE1 general purpose

Motors with aluminium housing

Siemens SIMOTICS 1LE1-motors with aluminum housing are suitable for multiple standard drive tasks in industry. Thanks to their extremely low weight they are predestined for applications in pumps, ventilators and compressors. They however also fulfil important tasks in conveyor technology and in lifting devices.

Technical Data: an Overview

Performance and voltage range 0.55 kW to 22 kW
For all commonly used voltages
Size and design: 80 to 160 in all current designs
Rated speed: 750 - 3,600 min-1
Number of poles: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Efficiency Classes: IE1 = Standard Efficiency
IE2 = High Efficiency
IE3 = Premium Efficiency
NEE = NEMA Energy Efficient Motors
NPE = NEMA Table 12-12 Premium Efficient Motors


Especially user friendly

  • The tried and tested terminal box which was introduced for shaft heights of 100 to 160 will definitely continue to be utilized in the complete motor series. The 2- and 4- pole motors of the shaft height 80 and 90 go even further: here the terminal box is fixed with only one screw and is continuously rotatable to 360 degrees. Additionally the terminal box is preconfigured with one terminal board. It enormously simplifies and accelerates the installation in tight spaces when the motor connection cables can be attached from any direction.

Special export line

  • The Eagle Line is available for export into the NAFTA region. On the nameplate the motors are supplied with the electrical values according to EISA-requirements.

Greater performance

  • When the motor has to be very compact as there is not sufficient space for a standard motor, performance-enhanced motors could be the solution. The efficiency class IE2, in the next smaller shaft height, are able to reach the performance output of a standard motor.

Areas of application

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Conveyor technology
  • Lifting equipment
  • Production industry